A Sweet And Refreshing Combination Of Chocolate And Peppermint

My husband is a huge mint and chocolate lover.  I am as well, and I lucked out with him because no one in my family likes it.  I used to want to order an Andes Mint Chocolate Cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory, but it was too big to eat alone and no one in my family wanted to share with me.  It was a true disappointment! Well, luckily, my husband loves a good mint chocolate recipe, so he has shared it with me on multiple occasions and it is everything I had always dreamt it to be!

Well, fast forward a bit and we cannot go out to The Cheesecake Factory whenever we have a craving for mint chocolate dessert.  So, we decided to try and find something yummy and delicious to make at home.  Now, I know I did not want to make a cheesecake because that makes far too much, so I decided to go for cupcakes.  I made a chocolate based cupcake with a minty green (minty taste, but green food coloring!) frosting and then topped with crumbled Andes chocolate candy.  This is hands down the best thing I have every made at home that involved mint chocolate.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Baked By An Introvert.




Quick Tip: Infuse these with chocolate syrup if you’d like


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