This Vintage Cake With Loads Of Charm Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Banana cake. I have never really tried it. Or well, I had not before this. Nowadays, I eat it quite often. I am actually a banana bread turned banana cake lover! When my neighbor Anne came over my house to proclaim that she discovered a new cake, I did not really believe her. I mean, what kind of cake could she have possibly discovered that is unknown to others. I thought she was exaggerating a bit but when she returned with cake in tow, I knew what she was talking about.


She had created a banana cake that tasted quite similar to a banana bread, but was better. It was light and fluffy with a light banana flavor. Not too dense at all, as most banana breads are. The cake was in two layers and between those layers was a thick spread of whipped cream and then topped with sliced bananas. She left the bananas popping out from the sides which added a nice touch presentation wise. Then she added the top layer of cake and topped it all with fresh whipped cream and some crushed banana chips and shredded coconut. It was the best thing I have tried in a very long time!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Call me PMC.




Quick Tip: Never frost this cake until it has completely cooled and you are ready to enjoy it.

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