Dessert With A Tad Of Rum? Yes, Please!

Apple desserts. My favorite. I always seem to be drawn to these on Pinterest. So much so, that I have a board on Pinterest just for apple desserts. Pathetic? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely. Apple desserts are (usually) so simple to make, yet so unbelievably delicious. They are full of the perfect blend of spices that make for a comforting dessert and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, I am in heaven.


The other day, I was on the phone with my neighbor Anne telling her I was going to make an Apple Bread Pudding for dessert in the evening. I had already purchased all the ingredients and was elated about having apples for dessert. My husband loves it, too, so I knew it would be a huge hit. When I explained the concept of this dessert to her she told me, “you HAVE to add rum to this.” I was a bit hesitant. I am not quite used to working with alcohol in my meals, let alone desserts. But she told me not to be afraid, this was just a touch to give it a whole new realm of flavors. Well, I listened to her and boy was I impressed.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Food Wanderings.




Quick Tip: If you want to skip the rum, enjoy this just as a regular apple bread pudding

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