Just 3 Ingredients Gets You THIS Comforting Spiced Apple Goodness

One of my favorite things to put together is a really good apple spice cake.  You know, chop of fresh apples, add lots of spices and then top it with a delicious crust that bakes into a heavenly cake.  No matter what you do or how you make sure you achieve that goal of making it into a cake, this is so worth the effort.  It is warm, comforting and so delicious, you will want to have the ingredients on hand for every night!

This cake is especially easy to make because it is simple and straightforward! The most tedious part is chopping the apples in perfect slices, because after that, all you have to do is dump everything in the Crock Pot.  From there, you just load it up with all the spices and any other things you would like (say almonds or dates or raisins for example!) and you are good to go.  This cake is so simple and easy to put together, and the aroma is better than having a candle burning in my home!  My husband loves getting home to a house full of delicious smells from this quick and easy recipe.  I think your family will love this just as much!


Photo and recipe courtesy of Stock Piling Moms.




Quick Tip: Throw in chopped dates or raisins for extra sweetness


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