This Is Better Than My Momma’s… But Shh, Don’t Tell Her

Long ago, I was a picky eater. Yes, I know, it is unfortunate. I missed out on many great food opportunities and hated trying new things.  It was a mystery my parents did not understand since I was not a picky baby, but became a picky toddler and kid.  They never spoiled me and let me skip dinners I did not like, but it was really something that baffled them.

Anyway, I have moved on from those crazy antics of mine and now try anything that is set before me.  I allow myself to try new things and even if I do not like them, I can at least say I tried. Sometimes I mentally prepare myself to love something and then hate it and other times I prepare myself to hate it and then end up loving it.  That is what happened with this dish.  I was so sure I would hate Salisbury steak because it just seemed so strange to me. But, since I vowed not to be picky, I gave it a try and lo and behold, I actually liked it!  It was strange to me, but I ended up really enjoying it and making it for my husband the following night.


Photo and recipe courtesy of Spend With Pennies.




Quick Tip: Let this settle a bit before serving for the sauce to thicken


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