This Is The Thickest Pancake You Will Ever Eat – Check It Out!

What I love most about winter is all the options for food that there are. Not that there aren’t options for summer, but I just cannot seem to enjoy summer with a hearty stew or warm breakfast casserole. For me, those match the winter with cold and soft light pouring in through the window while I enjoy my breakfast casserole or stew in my jammies. It is truly the best way to enjoy any hearty winter dish.


That is the way I enjoyed this breakfast casserole this morning. I went downstairs in my flannels, took a slice of this out of the casserole dish and then sat with a mug of nice, warm coffee on the couch enjoying the taste of this comforting blueberry buttermilk pancake casserole. It was hearty, warm, fluffy and totally delicious. It is everything I want on a lazy morning at home. My favorite part was going back to take another slice and realizing that after it had gotten a bit cold, it was still equally delicious. That is the mark of a good casserole. This one specifically is so perfect because it feels and tastes like a pancake, but you do not have to make them all one by one.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Celebrating Sweets.




Quick Tip: Add any fruit you prefer to this one! Strawberries are wonderful in it.

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