He Who Hates Veggies Will Definitely Love This Pasta Dish!!

I love reading books. Books were my life when I was a kid. They brought me to different worlds that allowed me to escape reality for a while.

One of my favorite stories could be found in a book compilation. It was a short story about a girl who hated vegetables because she tasted a spoiled potato once and she was traumatized by it. She wasn’t fat, but her parents were worried that her health would suffer in the future without all the nutrients that could be found only in fruits and vegetables.

So what the mother did was, she reinvented all of her daughter’s favorite food. She used fruits and vegetables disguised as pasta, meat, and cake, just to be able to help her. The Mom made veggie burgers, veggie lasagna, and honeyed cakes with fruit bits. In the end, the daughter found out about it, but she was already enjoying the food so it hasn’t been a big deal in the end.

My parents never underwent anything similar. They had no problems with me. And while my brother could be stubborn, at least he ate a few of the veggies on his plate.

For some parents who have a problem with feeding their kids with vegetables, this recipe might be able to help you. It tastes so good that your kids will instantly forget that it’s made of vegetables.


Photo courtesy of Food.com. Recipe courtesy of Taste of Home.




Quick Tip:  Serve with garlic bread.

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