Egg Addicts Beware: This Sausage Casserole Is Unusually Eggy!

My perfect non-sweet breakfast always involves eggs. I love eggs, most especially if it’s scrambled or sunny side up. I am not a fan of stuffed omelet dishes, but I have learned to tolerate them because the boyfriend cooks the best omurice.

I also won’t deny that the smiley drawn on top of the omurice using the ketchup bottle is quite cute. For me, the best partners for eggs are those huge juicy sausages (definitely not the canned ones), seasoned beef strips, and bacon. I usually eat them with toasted rye bread; but sometimes if I wanted something more special, I cook pancakes or waffles to go with the set.

A few days ago, I woke up to the one of the most enticing aromas I’ve ever smelled. With my eyes still half-closed, I paraded to the kitchen and saw the boyfriend holding a casserole in hand. It was so dang good!

He just threw in everything that I love in there—eggs, sausages, cheese, and bread. The top was a bit burnt, but it just added to the flavors. The dish wasn’t even that overwhelming even though it involved rich ingredients. After that first taste, I swear he just won the Boyfriend of the Year award.


Photo courtesy of Recipe Great. Recipe courtesy of Taste of Home.




Quick Tip:  Serve with a side dish of fresh garden salad.

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