The Dish Better Come Back With That Spoon Because You’re Gonna Need It For This Cake

My neighbor Anne loves to make new and innovative recipes.  I mean, she invents things and makes new processes and adds different ingredients until it is just so weird, it does not even look like the original recipe anymore.  She loves to make things so weird that she calls them “Anne’s this or the other.”  She is a bit strange and kooky I know…but she is still the best neighbor around!


A couple of days ago she asked me what I thought about upping a chocolate cake into something else.  She asked me what my favorite ingredients were that matched with chocolate and was on her way.  About an hour later she was knocking on my door still wearing an apron and oven mitts with a brownie pan in her hand.  She had made a chocolate cake and swirled it with marshmallow fluff.  Then she topped it with a frosting like layer of more marshmallow fluff, sprinkled mini marshmallows over it, added some chopped almonds and mini chocolate chips.  She put it in the oven to broil and let the marshmallows become all toasty and wonderful, just as if they were prepared under a campfire.  That was the best rocky road anything I have ever tasted.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Farm Wife Cooks.




Quick Tip: Add any chopped nuts you’d like


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