A Chili Recipe That’s Grandma Approved!


If this dish is good enough for a rehearsal dinner, it is even better for a regular ol’ family dinner.  Gather everyone around the table for a nice hearty bowl of this and they won’t be leaving any time soon!

Check out what my friends over at Eating on a Dime have to say about this recipe:

“With winter quickly approaching, chili is something my family looks forward to and this classic crockpot chili recipe is exactly what they want. Since we make it with half ground turkey and my frozen beans, it is actually quite healthy! You are going to love this easy slow cooker chili. Just dump it all in, and come home to a home smelling delicious!”

She’s absolutely right!  Winter is here to stay and we need to stock up on warm and comforting recipes.  This is one of those that will be on repeat in your house!





2 pounds of ground beef or turkey

2 cans of diced or crushed tomatoes

1 can (14 oz) of Barilla tomato sauce

4 tablespoons of McCormick chili seasoning

1 teaspoon of McCormick garlic salt

1/2 onion chopped (can be frozen)

2 cans of kidney beans

shredded cheese or sour cream to serve (optional)





First you need to brown your beef or turkey. Since I brown mine before I freeze it I just tossed it in the crockpot frozen.

Toss everything on top in the crockpot (except for the cheese and sour cream).

Cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for 3-4 hours.

Serve with cheese, sour cream, and even more chopped onions if you would like.









Quick Tip: Use frozen homemade beans if you’d like…just remember to add some salt

Thanks again to Eating on a Dime for this amazing recipe.



Whenever I see that an ingredient list includes chili seasoning, the recipe goes out the window. Using just mainly chili seasoning is cheating, not cooking. This might work for a 30 minute meal or a quick meal for non cooks, but it lacks the subtle, amazing flavors that real chili would have. Sorry to be negative, but it drives me crazy when I see things like this. I have actually entered a contest and my chili is extremely well made. I’m not inclined to share the recipe online, but this recipe is more like sloppy Joe’s.

What are you saying should be used other than or besides chili powder? I’ve never heard of anything else. Please…

some what of a hillbilly recipe.
2 cans of crushed tomatoes
2 cans of Kidney Beans..
no mention on size of cans..
use Rotel and you wont need chili powder..

For those of you complaining about the recipe stop your whining. This person was kind enough to share this recipe and if you don’t like it, don’t use it. Don’t just sit there and pick apart this recipe, shame on you. If you don’t like it post something that you feel is tastier. If not sit at the table, pull out your spoon and shut the hell up. There I said it because it need to be said….

This is exactly how I have always made chili, also my mom’s recipe & how my husband’s mom and grandma made theirs so it has been around for many years since I am 67 years old.

Sounds good to me, my Mother in law made chili years ago for her children to eat in the evenings she had to work, she wanted them to have a good meal they could warm up, but she put potatoes in her chili, it’s so good I make mine the same way.

My grandma prefers beans in her chili but if there weren’t any present she’d never throw a fit because she doesn’t get worked up over food.

I agree with you. AND for those complaining about can sizes, don’t worry about it. Chili is a recipe that is a bit forgiving. ?

I like to put chopped green bell peppers in mine and celery and onions. I also always add ground cumin and chili powder and finely minced fresh garlic. But there are many ways to make it.

Not complaining about can sizes. Recipe sounds good and would love to try it. So, what are can sizes for tomatoes and beans?? Want to get recipe right the first time !!! ??

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