You’re Never Tried A Cranberry Apple Dump Cake Like This One

Christmas is around the corner and we all want to show off with a delicious recipe that outshines the rest.  I mean, at least secretly we hope we outshine everyone.  Every year, my cousin Alexis brings her famous cheesecake.  Yeah, it’s good, but I don’t think it’s the best.  However, all of my family and friends who have spent the holidays with us rave over it and think it is the best dessert of all time.  They ask for it year after year and don’t hesitate to skip out on all the desserts on the table just to enjoy hers.  It frustrated me, because I put so much time and effort in putting together a not only delicious, but gorgeous dessert.  However, I think I have found my match.  This right here is going to win the unannounced dessert competition this year.  I have no doubt.


Are you ever looking for a dish that will just scream “Christmas” to all of your guests?  I definitely have.  I search and search Pinterest to no end. But, after many years of searching, I think I have found my match.  This is a recipe that when you smell, you think Christmas and when you taste, you know it is just that as well.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Mostly Homemade Mom.




Quick Tip: If you can’t find fresh cranberries, don’t hesitate to use the frozen kind.  They’ll work just as well.

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