The World’s BEST Meatloaf Recipe – No Joke! It Won an Award!

This is one bad mama jamma of a meatloaf recipe. You’ve gotta try it!

I love a good meatloaf, how about you? I think I have made meatloaf about every way possible. However, this meatloaf recipe is the best meatloaf recipe that I have EVER come across and I’m not just saying that, either.

It is so good, you guys! Plus, it actually won an award so there’s that. I mean, just look at the picture. Now, tell me this meatloaf doesn’t look absolutely delicious.

You can’t, can you? Didn’t think so! My husband and kids are crazy about this meatloaf and request it often. This is the recipe that I plan on sticking with for years to come.

Maybe this meatloaf will be a winner in your home, too? I’m confident that it will be. It’s a kid-friendly meal that is wholesome, nutritious, and packed full of flavor.

What’s not to love? Plus, it isn’t hard to make. If you wind up with leftovers you can make them into sandwiches. My husband loves doing this. In fact, I think he’d make a sandwich into a sandwich. LOL

Recipe courtesy of Gardenweb.





Quick Tip: Feel free to substitute the ground beef for ground turkey if you prefer.


At the end of the recipe you said you usually double the amount of ground spices. Is that because of the.3 lbs of ground meat you use, or can it be doubled just with the 1-1/2 lbs of meat the way the recipe is written?

If you use a tine of condensed tomatoe soup would that be 10 3/4 oz? If you use tomate frito what size would that be? Where would you buy? Is it a speciality item?

I would love the mustard pickle recipe. My Mom made them in a crockpot when I was a kid and I can’t find the recipe. I crave them!! Please email me. If you were able to retrieve the meatloaf recipe, could you please email that, too. WITH APPRECIATION!

You don’t need to use the brands they specify. Whatever you use is fine.
They’re just advertising for these brands!!

Hi-light with your browser and then click “Copy”–Then click open “Wordpad” or equivalent site in your “Documents “and click “Paste”–Your recipe then should be in your computer where you can store it or print it off–

This looks great but am a little confused on how much meat this uses. It states that you made a HUGE loaf with 3 lbs of beef and pork but the recipe calls for 1-1/2 lb ground meat (beef or pork & beef). Is this 1-1/2 lb each if you buy pork & beef or is the total meat used 1-1/2 lbs?

any body on this planet that know me y’all know I love me some meatloaf. don’t get it twisted don’t put to many bread crumbs in it. “THAT AIN’T RIGHT’ so get a clue ‘just do the damn thing right. FROM ONE MEATLOAF LOVER TO ANOTHER’.

I used to make mine with tomato soup, but recently started using a small can of pizza sauce. Hubby LOVES it and asks for meatloaf every week.

If I want to use both meats, would I use:
1-1/2 lbs Beef AND
1-1/2 lbs Pork?
I’m excited to try this. I can never make a good meatloaf.

and if you look really closely at the Campbell’ s tomato soup you will see that it is “halal”, not sure how that feat is accomplished but they pay big bucks to put that on their labels, just sayin’

Has anyone ever used meatloaf to put “hidden veggies” in so kids don’t know they are eating them? Try some grated zucchini (green and yellow), some well drained frozen squash and I use Bar-B-Que sauce instead of tomato sauce or tomato soup. It’s really good and kids (or husbands) never know the veggies are hidden inside.

I hide zucchini in my spaghetti all the time. I also grate carrots and celery. I also add a shake or two of l mon pepper.

Everything about that sounds good except pouring tomato soup over the top. Makes it way too acidic. If you want a savory flavor, use Kitchen Bouquet instead. Gives it a crust.

I love to cook but we need more low carb receipes for during the week so we can eat the delicious fattening stuff on weekends

Unless you have a draining meatloaf pan, use Paula Deen’s ol’ trick of putting slices of bread in the bottom of the pan to absorb the grease from cooking.

This sound good. But where are you supposed to put the celery? I’m thinking you mix with the seasoning and bread crumbs.

To make your meatloaf even better, slow cook it on a smoker grill in your regular meatloaf pan. Keep heat at about 250 for at least two hours or until the loaf starts the get a crust on top. Make a topping with honey, molasses and catsup. This will make any meatloaf recipe even better. I use a 22″ Weber Grill with a Smokenater attachment. A bit of Hickory and apple wood. There’s room on the grill to cook another tasty treat at the same time.

The recipe calls for 1 an 1/2 lbs. of beef or pork. If you make a 3# loaf, due you double all of the other ingredients?


I use cinnamon instead of nutmeg, and I don’t use carrots in mine. The rest is like mine. It is a good recipe..

Sounds great, but I wish I could print the recipe without all the ads in the printed version. Big waste of ink and paper, so I write them out by hand or go to another website with a similar recipe. I am not about to print out three pages of ads to get a recipe.

We did not care for this. Really had hopes for it too. Didn’t stay together… More like sloppy joes in parts of the loaf. Followed the instructions as given. … Packed it in the loaf pan. Also difficult to grate the celery…stringy. But thanks for the post

I made this yesterday with ground turkey and it was delicious. I made it just like the recipe said otherwise and I can’t wait to have it for lunch I bet it will be even better.

Wanna kick it up a notch? Two things, use bison instead of beef (yeah it’s more expensive) and coarse chop some cashews and add them, yum!

Since you specify the brands for everything, I was wondering what brand of celery and carrots you recommend? Just kidding, of course, going to try this soon.

Garden fresh or farmer’s market. LOL Great to see someone with a sense of humor! Have a great day, Jay 🙂

If a person does not like sage or a certain spice why in heavens name would they put in what the recipe calls for….just to see what it tastes like? Just to complain they didn’t like it? Or to see maybe if putting something in it they don’t care for will somehow magically change their mind and their tastebuds to liking it?

It seems like if some I e doesn’t like something in a recipe……don’t add it.
Pure…simple….methodical….common sense.

Here’s a tip: For those who grind their own pork (Boston Butt is optimal) for meatloaf (or meatballs) this is the time to add your bread. Bread is a great way to clean your grinder out (you still have to wash it in hot water) and take all the meat pieces out of the tubes and crevices. You also get smooth bread instead of ‘pieces’. That can be yucky. We also grind all our veggies. We’re fanatical about smooth meatloaf. We want zero crunchy anything in it.

I’ve been using Campbell’s Tomato soup for years in meatloaf and no way I would ever stop. The only ingredient that isn’t listed here that I won’t omit is Worcestershire sauce. I also use tomato paste to ‘crust’ over the top of my meatloaf unless we want meatloaf gravy and I leave it as is. You get more juice volume for gravy when left uncovered.

I’ve tried this recipe twice and it’s delicious but won’t hold together. The second time I added another egg and more bread crumbs. It didn’t help. Any suggestions?

I tried this recipe today. It was good… not the best I’ve ever had…but definitely good. I oppted to mix beef and pork. I also bought Campbell’s soup since I couldn’t find the Spanish option the author stated she used. I definitely prefer saltine crackers over bread (too mushy). I would also add more of the seasonings I usually use. I also think it makes a big difference if you mix your meat and add the seasonings the day before and let it sit overnight in the fridge! Then add your egg and whatnot… 🙂

Food for thought People, this person does not have time to send each of you a recipe this is why it is posted to share. Copy and paste it and email it to yourself .. or copy and paste and make a file on your computer … or screen shot the recipe and put a picture of it in paint and for any of you that can’t do any of these things … grab a pen and paper and write it down like the olden days lol

This meat loaf really looks like it would taste gr8 ..gonna try it ..I make a pretty good meat loaf also …but,,in smaller portions ..

I just don’t know what you want. I said that I would love to try this meatloaf, and would please send the recipe to my e-mail. This is the last time I’m trying.

Carol, we don’t send recipes to people’s email accounts. Click on the NEXT PAGE link and it’ll take you to the recipe. Thanks!

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