Here’s a Recipe For The Ultimate Italian Classic Dessert: Tiramisu

My husband and I visited Rome on our honeymoon and searched high and low for a great tiramisu.  We knew if there was a place to try it, Rome was it!  We tried many different desserts, but our definite favorite was at the place we least expected it…McDonald’s!

We were making jokes about McDonald’s having such a delectable treat, and ordered it on a whim.  And boy, were we surprised.  It was the best we’ve ever had.

Anyways, I’ve always been so afraid to try making it at home because it seems soooo complicated!  I remember making it once but had such a difficult recipe that I avoided it forever after that.  I’ve seen people make it and say it’s so easy, but I just couldn’t work up the courage to try it again.

I wanted all the pretty, perfect layers, but thought I couldn’t.  I searched all over Pinterest for a great recipe, and ended up putting this one together myself.  I made it the simplest I possibly could without sacrificing flavor, texture and presentation.  And I dare say, it turned out pretty well.

Recipe and photo courtesy of To Eat Drink and Be Married.




Quick Tip: Don’t dip your lady fingers too long in the coffee so the lady fingers do not fall apart.


I cannot save or print the recipes so therefore they just temp me and get me aggravated because you put them out there for us to look at. I could type them myself but I don’t have time.

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