This 5-Ingredient Salad Will Have You Doing Back Flips Around The Campground

The Only Salad Recipe You’ll Ever Need For Family Get-Togethers

It seems I keep seeing recipes for cucumber salads. They look light and refreshing and all, but you know what I really need? Bacon.

Yes, like many people I’m a bacon fanatic and I believe it really could be added to anything. In fact, last Christmas my family got my bacon lip gloss. Surprisingly, you can’t add bacon flavor to lip gloss.

Well, you can, but you shouldn’t. However, you really can’t go wrong adding bacon to a recipe, am I right? There’s something about pairing the saltiness of bacon with the refreshing lightness of cucumbers that really drives a one-two punch for this recipe.

You’ll get the feeling of a traditional cucumber salad, but a salty flavor that will WOW your taste buds.  Perhaps it’s your body knowing how good for you cucumbers are, but how sinful bacon can be.



Quick Tip: Prepare all ingredients before hand, but heat the bacon and stir into salad right before serving for a fun warm/cold mixture.


1-2 tbsp. of Hellman’s mayonnaise
⅛ tsp. McCormick garlic powder
Morton’s sea salt and McCormick black pepper, to taste

It says on the post that she didn’t have her spiral slicing tool so she just cubed them…but that the recipe says spiral them…

If you read the entire recipe she says since she did not have one of the spiral cutters, she just chopped hers. People, don ‘t be so stinking petty about things that don’t make a dimes worth of difference!

She said right up in the beginning of the recipe….I just cut the cucumber, because I don’t have a spiral cutter…..that’s why they don’t look spiral sliced…..

Miracle whip doesn’t always hold up in a salad, have noticed this with egg salad, I prefer Miricle Whip for this, but have noticed egg salad made with Miricle Whip is watery the next day compared to that made with mayonnaise… I use half of each

I wouldn’t use Miracle Whip for any kind of salad or sandwich! Love Hellmann’s for its enhanced flavor.. great recipe!


We are able to get Dukes in Nebraska now so had a potluck picnic at our church and we ladies decided to try Dukes and most of the families
didn’t like it and wanted Hellmann’s and Miracle Whip brought back.

That’s right…my mom and dad raised five children….we ate Miracle Whip….and to this day, Hellman’s or even Dukes is a very bland tasting salad dressing. Love the tang of Miracle Whip….much more flavor.

Forget Hellmans or Miracle Whip. The absolute best mayo on the planet is Duke’s. Been a southern staple for many decades. Even distant relatives in Minneapolis swear it’s the best ever. Give it a try. (knowing, Southern cook, look)

Have tried and even tried at a church function
and it didn’t go over to well. Some the ladies thought it might be a good change and it just didn’t go over to well the congregation.

In the photo, it shows what looks like unpeeled cucumber chunks. I have no problebm with chunks rather than spirilized, but unpeeled? Is that an error? That’s a lot of peel. Kathy suggested purple onion, umm. A bit of dill would be real tasty too.

Cucumber peel is a good source of dietary fiber that helps reduce constipation and offers some protection against colon cancers

yes, and if concerned about anything on the skin … soak them for 1/2 hr in some water & 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar & that will clean off toxins or dirt, etc.

Any salad with mayo in it is a risk for summer camping as the mayo spoils quickly in the heat. Use a virgin olive oil and balsamic vineager dressing instead !

It is TOTALLY false that it’s the Mayo that goes bad in salads. It’s the other things in the salad. The mayonnaise actually has ingredients that inhibit any problems. Please don’t continue to push the falsehood that Mayo is s culprit. If you doubt me, please, do your own research.

mayo has eggs n oil in it….it most certainly does go bad in hot weather….but if u wanna eat it go ahead

My dad worked for the health department. Commercially made mayonnaise does have ingredients that inhibit foods spoiling. Homemade mayonnaise does not.

I thought I invented this, and it is even good without the bacon. Plus I use regular mayonnaise and thin it out with a little vinegar and I sprinkle a little chives on it.

The photo of this recipe shows diced cucumbers…so add a spiralized zucchini for a sturdier faux pasta and some diced purple onion for that zip!

It seems like everyone here wants to either criticize the fact that the cucumbers aren’t spiral criticize the people for mentioning it! The poster above (Josephine)wasn’t criticizing the use of “spiral” when they weren’t, she was asking what spiraling is.

Josephine, spiraling is when the veggie is cut round and round. There is a special spiraling tool you can use. Many people who are into low carb (and others)use it to spiral cut vegetables and use them the place of pasta. Usually, they are thinner than julienne strips, if you know what those are, and curlier. The texture might affect the taste somewhat, but obviously, people enjoy them cubed as well.

I haven’t tried yet but looking forward to it. Just wondered if you get the bacon already cooked, in a package, can you use it or go to the fresh bacon and cook yourself?

Nothing wrong with the precooked bacon. To get it crispy, just add 5-10 seconds on the amount of time you microwave. I’m going to try this tomorrow.

I make this with a little red onion, as Kathy says, and mix a little vinegar and sugar in with the mayo. Been making this for 40 yrs. Always a hit.

After 37 comments, and 8 pages of my printer ink- No damn recipe. Thanks for nothing guys. I will not be using this site again!

You printed the first page 8 times? Wow! I figured after the first page and no recipe you have tried to actually read and see where the recipe was 😉

The salt and pepper are optional or “to taste” so they aren’t considered an actual ingredient as you don’t have to use them if you don’t want too…JS

This’d be even better with fresh white corn cut off the cob and added. (Yes, raw. It’s wonderful!) Or you could use a well-drained can of white corn, or a thawed package of frozen.

Haha, I did the same thing with bacon grease in my lip balm recipe! Once filtered you lose all that bacon smell. So much for a guy friendly lip balm.

There was not need for this comment. It was rude. If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all. Move on, Josh and good luck finding what you want.

Re Miracle Whip: They’ve gone back to their old recipe which doesn’t get watery by the next day. I actually emailed them and thanked them for doing it.

I don’t mix in the bacon. I serve it crumbled on the side. Get’s really soggy if there’s leftovers…

The recipe looks fantastic. Thanks to everyone who added something. Some are comical and made me laugh. Have a happy 4th of July and I enjoy the recipes here! ♥

Hubby cannot digest lettuce so this was aces for me. I did add some chopped onions and chopped black olives. Had to chop the cukes as I couldn’t find my spiralizer.

**Cheat** Use ranch dressing& prepackaged REAL bacon bits!!! There are many additives that make this soooo good! Croutons, shredded cheese, sesame sticks are some I’ve tried and enjoyed.

Tempeh “bacon”, a handful of vegan cheese shreadded, cucks, tomatoes, a little fresh onion, garlic and Veganaise and this could be a great salad for persons who only choose to eat foods of plant origin.

I make this recipe all the time adding sweet onion cubes and eat it for lunch, but for some reason, it never occurred to me to add bacon! I call it Israeli salad because it is similar (not identical) to a popular dish there, but I’m quite sure Israelis don’t think to add bacon! Anyway, I can’t wait to make my next batch and try it! I think I might use real bacon bits that come in those little packages – I hate cooking bacon and don’t like the kind that you buy already cooked. Plus, it’s quicker and I’ve always considered this my no-cook dish for lunches on hot central Arizona summer days.

I’ve used cottage cheese instead of mayo, too, which is really closer to the original Israeli salad. Add Za’atar, a Middleeastern spice with sumac and hyssop. Yum!

Is 1 chopped tomatoes meant to say 1 cup chopped tomatoes? I have all the ingredients and want to give it a try soon. Thank you.

This sounds great but my husband and I don’t eat cukes because of acid reflux. Is there a good sub for them? I also love some of the extra add in’s suggested. Thanks

I used Hellmann’s because that’s what I use; it was horrible. Re-made it with Miracle Whip and it was great. Very important to follow the recipe

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