A Beautiful Breakfast That’s As Easily Made As It Is Rich and Elegant to Eat

Every once in a great while, I get out of bed on Saturday morning at my usual time and take a look at my calendar only to find that I have no pressing appointments or responsibilities or concerns.  What a breath of fresh air, right?  The day stretches out ahead of me and instead of looking for my shoes while I try to brush my teeth and find something to wear in time to get wherever I’m supposed to be, I make a cup of coffee.


While the coffee brews, I set the oven, get out my favorite baking dish and start pulling together the ingredients to make this very tomato basil bread pudding casserole.  And I know that in a little less than an hour, I’m going to be sitting on my back porch with a book, my second (or third) cup of coffee and warm, luscious plate of my favorite lazy breakfast.  Mornings like this are such an unexpected treat.

Recipe is courtesy of Paula Deen Magazine.




Quick Tip:  The recipe doesn’t call for it, but I promise you that a little freshly grated Parmesan over the top of this right before it comes out of the oven is the perfect last touch.

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