Jaw-Dropping Baked Crescent Roll S’Mores Treat. It’s Magical!

I’ve come across some amazing recipes in my day but this one takes the cake! I cannot beleive how rich and yummy this crescent roll s’mores dessert came out. The original name of this dessert is “Hidden S’mores” and that is because the s’mores filling is literally “hidden” within the crescent rolls! Can you imagine […]

Add A Little Love To Your Dessert Table With These Amish-Style Church Window Treats

Growing up Mennonite, I can remember seeing these church window treats at every holiday potluck meal that we had. Even though these church windows have Amish roots the Mennonites are partial to making them, too. They are delightful! The funny thing about it is that they aren’t hard to make. They look like they would be […]