My Favorite Blackberry Dump Cake Recipe

blackberry dump cake

I love making desserts, especially when they are easy as 1, 2, 3!

Have you ever made a dump cake? I’m telling you what, it is the easiest type of dessert you will ever make. Now, I know some of you are completely against using boxed cake mix but you’ll have to get over that. Dump cakes are all about ease and using a boxed cake mix is what makes the recipe so super easy to complete. The dump cake that we are going to be making today is blackberry. I just love those plump, ripe, juicy berries!

Berry cakes complement any main dish that you prepare, which is why if you’re going to a potluck gathering, the safest thing to bring is a type of berry cake. The sweetness comes from the cake itself, but the tangy freshness of the berries help balance the taste, making it just right. This recipe I found in my grandma’s cookbook is one of the best I’ve ever tried making. And it’s not just a cake; it’s a dump cake!

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Quick Tip: You can make any dump cake as the directions on the following page states. Simply change the type of fruit you use for variety.