OMG! These 6 Recipes Brought Back So Many Memories!

6 vintage recipes deviled ham

These Are The Recipes Your Mother Should Have Taught You

I’ve always wondered what it is about grandmothers and their cooking. I mean, if you sneak into their kitchen and go through all their cupboards, you’ll only find very basic, classic ingredients. Yet, all the vintage recipes they make taste so amazing that you would think they used some kind of an exotic, secret ingredient! At least that’s the way it always was with my grandmother, and now my mother.

Maybe they possess some kind of magical powers that you will only get once you become a grandmother. Or maybe with all those decades of experience, they know exactly how much “a pinch” or “a dash” is, and therefore all their meals turn out delicious.

Whatever the case, I’ve started to collect a bunch of vintage recipes that my grandmother often made for us. I’m thinking, if I hold on to these and make them often, I will become as great a cook as she was. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking but at least I’m going to enjoy these super amazing meals while doing that!

Did your grandmother make some of these recipes? I would love to hear about it, in the comments below!


Quick Tip: Try some of these for your next potluck!