Ask Your Grandma And She Will Tell You This Is The BEST Method For Making Apple Pies

You Won’t Find a Recipe More Flavorful Than This!

Fried apple pies have always been my weakness. True, they may be a little more on the unhealthy side than the baked ones but with this kind of flavor, I’m willing to live with a few extra calories. When I was little, our whole neighborhood used to organize a yard sale/potluck kind of event, twice every summer. My sister and I would sell homemade lemonade and I was always looking forward to it, but what was even better was that Auntie Millie always brought her fried apple pies.

She wasn’t really our aunt but everyone called her that, anyway. I couldn’t imagine a nicer lady, and she was an excellent baker. I’m pretty sure every single one of our neighborhood kids visited her at least once a week, and she always said we are making her feel young at heart.

Sadly, Auntie Millie passed away years ago already, and I never got a chance to ask her for her famous apple pie recipe. So when I came across Deronda’s recipe on her channel Foods101withDeronda, I almost cried. These cast iron apple pies looked exactly the same! And when I had my first bite, I knew Deronda had hit the jackpot with this recipe. Sooo yummy!

Recipe and image courtesy of Foods101withDeronda – check out more of her delicious recipes!


Quick Tip: This recipe makes 8 fried apple pies.