3 Layers With 1 Batter – This Custard Cake Is MAGICAL

This Is My Kind Of Cake!

I had heard of magic custard cakes before, but I had never enjoyed a slice of chocolaty magic custard cake.

To be honest with you, the thought of such dessert hadn’t even crossed my mind! It’s a little silly, isn’t it? You get so used to your old ways that you stop thinking outside the box, haha! Which is why it’s awesome that I happened to come across the cheekyricho cooking channel, and this yummy recipe in particular.

Because you really CAN make a magic chocolate custard cake and it is even better than the regular one, if you ask me! They sure got it right over at cheekyricho – because everything is better with chocolate, right?

When I made this cake I was a little worried about how it would turn out. The batter seemed very thin and lumpy when I was pouring it into the pan. Fortunately they gave really great instructions on cheekyricho cooking, so I knew I was on the right track. I removed the cake from the oven when it was still a little wobbly, just slightly, though – and it was absolutely perfect when it had cooled completely.

Recipe and image courtesy of cheekyricho cooking – check out their other delicious recipes, too!


Quick Tip: Make sure you check on the cake after 50 minutes and continue baking, if needed.