Roll Potatoes In These 2 Ingredients, For A Crispy Crust Out Of This World

These Crrrunchy Taters Are Too Awesome To Be Just A Side Dish!

My father was a huge fan of potatoes. Any way my mother made them, they were always his favorite. Sometimes, when he got hungry and it wasn’t dinner time yet, he would take some leftover boiled potatoes and quickly fry them in a pan with butter. Sounds like something you would serve as a side dish, right? Well they were the entree in his book, and I bet he would have gladly had those for dinner every day of the week!

These yummy parmesan potatoes are just like that. They are basically “just a side dish”, but when you have your first bite, you’re going to wish you had made a double batch. That beautifully baked crust is so crispy, it will blow your hair back!

You only need a handful of ingredients to make these taters, and you probably won’t even have to stop by the grocery store.

Sometimes I use this recipe for leftover boiled potatoes; they turn out just as tasty, but you don’t have to bake them for so long. To tell you the truth, sometimes I cook too many potatoes on purpose, just to make these the next day!


Quick Tip: Not a fan of parmesan? Replace with your favorite cheese instead.