Darling Red Velvet Cupcakes All Dressed Up For Christmas

These cupcakes will look great on your holiday dessert table.

Red velvet cake has always been a favorite of both me and my husband. I usually only make it on Valentine’s Day, for our anniversary, and once in a while for a birthday. We don’t eat a lot of cake on our own so we need to wait until we are going to have guests to help us. One day I had the craving for some and didn’t really want to be stuck with a whole cake. That’s when I found this recipe on All Recipes. It was the red velvet cake I was looking for, but in a cupcake form.

I quickly whipped them up and me and my husband both ate one after dinner. They were fantastic! Because I didn’t want to be stuck with all the extra cake…and extra calories…I took the rest of them to work with me the next day.

I dropped them off in the break room and by lunch the tray was empty. It was the perfect solution to my red velvet cake craving! I will use this answer again when it returns… because I know it will.




Quick Tip: Use a cream cheese frosting for an ultimate flavor eruption.