Southern Cornbread Stuffing – Perfect For The Holiday Spread

A wonderful side dish for both Christmas And Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving time always meant a nice homemade dressing from my Aunt and Uncle who hosted the entire family at their house. That was the only time of the year we got to indulge in that though. The other holidays we just dumped some store-bought stuff in a pan and called it good. That was until I came across this recipe on Group Recipes. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was going to be a new tradition at all of our family events. It was so simple to make, especially in the slow cooker!

My relatives always made comments about not having enough room in the oven, so this was the perfect solution. I made it last for Christmas time and the whole pot disappeared very quickly. Now I know that I have to make a bigger batch since people have tried it and love it.

It really makes a difference in the rest of the meal when you can put a homemade cornbread stuffing on your plate versus something over processed and purchased at the store in a box. Even if I have to make this every time, we are going to have it from now on!

Photo and Recipe courtesy of Food Network.




Quick Tip: Pair this up with your favorite main entree of turkey or ham!