Chewy, Minty, Chocolate Chip Brownies

A blast of cool mint and fudgy chocolate for your tastebuds!

These mint chocolate chip brownies are gluten-free; and if you are watching your health at the moment or are naturally health conscious, then this recipe is something you will definitely enjoy. It tastes really good too. You know that one brownie recipe that you can’t get enough of? This is it. These brownies are so moist and chewy, and so soft that when you bit into it, it will instantly melt in your mouth. It goes so perfectly with the mint flavor, which adds to the irresistible factor of these brownies.

I, in particular, am not fond of mint and chocolate mixed together in desserts. I love mint though, and I love chocolate. I am just not a fan of them being together in one dish. However, this particular recipe is something that I got addicted to the first time I tasted it.

The mint flavor wasn’t too strong. It was just enough to give the brownies a cool, minty twist. It wasn’t too overpowering that the taste of the chocolate was being buried beneath all the fresh mint flavor. This recipe will give you the best mint chocolate chip brownies that you’ll ever taste. And I know your guests will definitely love them too!




Quick Tip: Make sure to use peppermint extract and not mint extract, which tastes more like spearmint and doesn’t complement chocolate very well.