A Very Merry Cinnamon Toast Recipe

My mother always made the best cinnamon toast.

No matter how hard I tried to duplicate it for my kids, I could never get it to taste, or look as good as hers did. That was until someone showed me this recipe on The Pioneer Woman. I knew that it was going to be the directions that I needed to get this right once and for all. I waited until I had the weekend to work on the recipe, and got up early and headed to the kitchen.

By the time my little ones woke up, I had stacks and stacks of this toast ready to go. They couldn’t eat it fast enough and I was tossing more out there for them to indulge in. My husband came out and helped keep up with what I was making. By the time I was done, we had gone through a whole loaf of bread. It was so tasty! I make this all the time now that I have the method perfected.

There are never any complaints coming from the breakfast table when I do either. I feel like I can check one of my jobs off the list for lifelong lessons that everyone should learn.




Quick Tip: Use a thick French bread.