Coconut Bars Are Truly Tropical!

A few years ago, I spent a summer on a missions trip in the Dominican Republic.

My dad is a doctor and went on a medical mission to treat people with medical issues in the poorest of areas.  I wanted to learn a bit and went along, but little did I know how tiresome and hectic that trip would be.  I always went on a vacation form to the Dominican Republic, but this was far from that.

I was tired and missed my bed, but it was so worth it. The night we arrived, our flight got delayed so many times that we arrived well into the middle of the night.  If I am not mistaken, it was either 2 or 3 am.

I did not know what to do with myself after having been up for about 18 hours.  As a kid, that was too much to handle.  When we arrived at the hotel, we were positively starving, but since it was that late, none of the restaurants in the area were open.

We were disappointed and headed to our room, where after a few minutes I realized there was a little pouch on my bed.  The housekeeper had left a little baggy of homemade treats: coconut bars.  My gosh, I devoured those so quickly.  I was hungry, but man they were delicious!




Quick Tip: Add flavored coconut to these if you’d like!