Need A Quick And Easy Dessert? Try Cherry Dump Cake!

Every Christmas, and sometimes once a summer, my family and I would load up in the station wagon, or if we were lucky a rental, and head out.

Where were we going you ask? To what some may think is the most boring place on Earth…Iowa. Why in the heck would we go there? Because we had family there…and it was far from boring for us. We would always go and stay for at least five days, sometimes a week, and it was a huge party the whole time we were there.

Not like a frat party, we were kids, like a carnival party. There were like ten of us running around, playing games, listening to music, going outside, it was like the fun never stopped. My great-grandma Sally was always in the kitchen trying to keep us fed. My favorite dishes of hers were her desserts.

They were always so good. I never understood how she had time to make these fabulous dishes with all of us there until I came across this cherry dump cake on Recipe Lion. With recipes like this on the table, I can understand now how to serve a yummy dessert without wasting any time.




Quick Tip: Serve alongside a scoop of vanilla ice cream.