A Scrumptious Fruit Cake For Those Who Don’t Like Fruit Cake

Don’t Skip This Recipe! You Don’t Know What You’ve Been Missing!

Growing up, I never understood why my grandmother liked fruit cake so much. She always made it for Christmas and other special occasions, as if it was so delicious that it deserved to be served at all the important events. I thought she was out of her mind – fruit cake was not one of my favorites! The thought of it alone made me cringe, and I don’t think I would have eaten it if it was the last piece of food on the planet.

Over the years, however, I have wanted to teach myself to enjoy all kinds of foods. I literally made it my mission to learn to like things I used to hate, for example olives, blue cheese, and – you guessed it; fruit cake.

These days I am a huge fan of blue cheese, and I can stand olives when they’re served on top of a cheesy pizza… But what I’m most proud of is that a few years ago I found this recipe on Stuffed At The Gill’s, and I learned to love fruit cake! Nowadays this is one of my favorite cakes – and that’s a lot, coming from me!

Recipe and image courtesy of Stuffed At The Gill’s.


Quick Tip: For best results, bake slowly in a low temperature oven!