Light-Up-My-Life Lemon Loaf Cake

I love lemon cake recipes.

The reason for this is because I easily get tired of eating cakes or anything sweet if they are just sweet. I don’t like it if a dessert it too overwhelmingly sweet that you just want to drink bitter coffee for the rest of your life so you will not taste another hint of sweetness all over again. This is the reason why I love fruits in desserts. Fruits give that hint of freshness in every bite. I love it most if it’s citrus fruits.

Because the zest just makes the dessert extra special. Just like this lemon cake recipe. Lemon cake is a family favorite. You can always find its presence on the dessert table whenever we have a get together. There is always one of us who will make it. We don’t usually serve it for dessert, but rather during afternoon tea time or in the case of the kids, milk time.

Again, my sons love dipping everything in their milk and this lemon cake is no exception. I love it most with tea though. While I am a coffee lover, tea just compliments this dessert well. My husband loves pairing this with cold lemonade just because he wants to. He’s quite the rebel, that one. Anyway, a copy of this lemon cake recipe can be found on the next page. Enjoy!




Quick tip: Make sure to keep it in a fridge.