If You Haven’t Made Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcakes Yet Then You’d Better Read This Recipe

I think red velvet cake has to be my favorite cake of them all.

I just love how it looks, tastes, and the texture. I am also a major fan of chewy cupcakes. Well, I must say that I was quite lucky to have found this recipe for red velvet cupcakes. Talk about having the best of both worlds. I guess you could say that I got to have my cake and eat it too! LOL! This recipe is truly something to be admired. It’s very sweet, very yummy, and very easy to make.

You will be glad that you stumbled upon this recipe just as I was when I first found it. Now, I don’t usually get to have red velvet cake because my little allergy-ridden son has an aversion to red dye #40. My poor baby has so many allergies!

So, when I made this cake, I whipped up my own mix and used beetroot as a colorant. You, however, should follow the instructions as they are so you can taste how truly magnificent these cupcakes really are. I’m telling you, you won’t be sorry that you made these little desserts. I personally feel that they are perfect for the holidays.




Quick Tip: These brownies are perfect for after-school snacks!