Cheesecake Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies – Better Than Winning The Lottery!

It was time again for our annual Christmas cookie exchange.

Every year, everyone always brings the same cookies. They are good, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it gets pretty boring just having the basics over and over again. This year, I wanted to be the one to bring in something different. I sat at my computer for hours looking for recipes and trying to think of something that would be different, but not too extreme, but also easy and delicious.

That’s not too much to ask, is it? Then I found this recipe for cheesecake stuffed chocolate chip cookies on Sugar Spun Run and Ta-da! These were the ones that I was going to make and take this year. I made them first just for a trial run to make sure they turned out as good as I had expected.

My kids had the first batch gone before the second batch was even coming out of the oven. So, when it was time to bake for the special event, I doubled the recipe and made them when the little ones weren’t around. These were a huge success and the best-sold cookies at the table!

Photo and recipe  credit to Oh Bite It.




Quick Tip: Don’t put your cookie dough on a hot baking sheet. Wait for it to cool for the best results.