Egg Nog Pudding Poke Cake: The Only Dessert You’ll Need This Holiday Season

I really love making cakes.

To me, cakes are the best dessert in the world and they are so much better than pie…well, not pumpkin pie because pumpkin pie is pretty bomb. Anyway, today we are going to get super festive because we are making holiday eggnog cake. This cake truly embraces the Christmas spirit. It’s moist and decadent and covered in an eggnog whipped topping that simply cannot be beaten. My little boys devoured this cake in like two seconds and wanted more after their first pieces were through. I told them no and that seemed to inspire a few grumbles. Oh well. Moderation boys, moderation.

I am going to a holiday party at our church this Sunday night and I think I’ll be showing up with this lovely eggnog cake in tow. it’s amazing! I mean, I am fully prepared for folks to be pawing at me for the ding dang recipe like a pack of wild hyenas.

Seriously, it is that good! If you like eggnog you will lOVE this amazing poke cake. Just imagine all of that egg noggin goodness flowing through each hole that is made in this cake. It’s like a river of delight for your belly. Enjoy!




Quick Tip: Make this cake for your holiday parties and family get-togethers.