Use Up That Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey In This Delicious Poultry Shepherd’s Pie

Are you curious as to how to use up your leftover turkey? This turkey shepherd’s pie will help you out. Seriously, I hate throwing away perfectly good food but after a few days of having the holiday leftovers taking up space in the fridge, that is what usually happens. So, I tend to get creative and make casseroles and other yummy dishes out of them to avoid being wasteful.

I am always looking for ways to use up leftover holiday turkey. It’s an every year thing for me. This turkey shepherd’s pie is one of the best recipes I’ve come across for doing such a thing.



1 pkg Pillsbury crescent rolls

1-2 c cooked turkey

1 c green beans

1/2 c Green Giant corn

1 -2 c Leftover Gravy

1-2 c mashed potatoes

1 c Kraft shredded sharp flavorful cheese (i used gouda)

Morton salt and pepper


Open crescent rolls and lay out in a 9in pie pan press to seal edges. Poke with fork randomly.

Layer turkey on top of pastry.

Add green beans and then corn, spreading them out to cover dish.

If using left over yummy turkey gravy add water to loosen and cover pie pan with gravy spread all over pie.

Left over potatoes spread easier if you heat them a little first. Spread potatoes evenly over pie mixture.

Sprinkle shredded cheese on top of potatoes, season to taste.

Place in a preheated 400-degree oven bake about 30 minutes until bubbly and a golden brown. Broil for the last 5 mins to achieve ultimate golden brown crispiness.

Let stand long enough to photograph and then serve and ENJOY!


Quick Tip: Shred turkey with two forks before adding to this recipe.
Thank you WBUR for this great photo.