Don’t Worry! Chocolate Lush Cake Won’t Get You Drunk…Well, Maybe On Sweetness!

I call it “fridge cake”.

Fridge cakes are the easiest cakes one can whip up in a short amount of time. Mom used to make fridge cakes on lazy nights when we were all gathered in the living room, watching a midnight soap opera on the telly. She used to make different versions, but the most requested was the fruity version. Layers of cream and pudding mix and fruits taste so good. She always tops it a sprinkle of nuts and with a thin drizzle of chocolate syrup or maple syrup.

After a few years, I developed my own version too. Since I’m a super coffee lover, I use coffee to flavor my cream and I use chocolates in my layers. I don’t use fruits anymore. While I love them in desserts, I also love to eat them fresh.

I usually serve my version of fridge cake with a cup of fresh fruits and a cup of hot tea. The fruits help balance the sweetness. When you feel like you can’t take a bite of the cake anymore, you can just take a piece of kiwi, eat it, and voila! You will want another scoop of the cake seconds later.




Quick Tip:  This dessert can easily be made the day prior to serving. Overnight refrigeration allows the dessert to chill thoroughly and firm up.