White Bean And Bacon Stew: Comfort Food For Lifting The Soul

A Flavor-Loaded Meal For Your Weeknights

Nothing beats the smell of bacon. Any time of day, the moment you smell it you can almost taste it – am I right? That’s why this homemade bean and bacon stew is a delight.

With each bite, you’ll lose yourself in the smoky flavor. This stew has a lot of stick-to-your-ribs power in it. I can literally eat this for both lunch and supper and be totally satisfied.

You are really going to want to hang on to this fabulous recipe. Yum! This stew was a bit of an experiment for me. My 10-year-old isn’t much a fan of beans, but she sure loves bacon.

Any Sunday morning, you’ll see everyone else with 2-3 slices on their plate. Not her! She’s got a pile that is bigger than her French toast, eggs or whatever else the main course is. She walked through the door from playing outside with friends and said, “Mmm bacon!”

She was pretty upset it was all in the bean stew. I bet her that if she took a bite she’d change her mind about beans. Since these were mostly smashed up, it worked! She had a bowl and a half and gave me her approval.


Quick Tip: There’s no need to use bottled liquid smoke, the bacon adds all the smoky flavor you need.