You’ll Never Want Store-Bought Bread Again Once You’ve Tried This Recipe

You Can’t Go Wrong With This One – It Never Fails!

By a show of hands, who here loves to make and eat homemade bread? I bet there isn’t a single set of paws on the keyboard at the moment.

If I could see all of you who are reading this recipe I bet it’d look like the wave being done at a football stadium. Homemade bread is the bomb, you guys. The only downside is how much of a hassle it is to make. Making bread is an art form and takes time and patience to master. I swear it took my two years to get my loaves to come out perfectly. However, this recipe does not fall into the category of hard-to-make bread. It’s super simple to follow and very easy to execute.

I made a loaf of this miraculous bread this morning and I plan to serve it with dinner later on tonight. I may or may not have sliced off a sample or two for myself. We are having unstuffed cabbage casserole for dinner so I think pairing the dish with homemade bread will be pretty dang stellar, don’t you? You can make this bread in either the bread machine or by hand. I made it by hand as I do not own a bread maker. Do what suits you. Enjoy!

Recipe and image courtesy of Butter With A Side Of Bread.


Quick Tip: Serve this yummy bread with butter and your favorite preserves.