Chicken Spaghetti – Try something New!

My mom used to make spaghetti for us about once a week. It was affordable, simple, and we could feed the whole family without worrying about running out.

For the most part, we usually had leftovers which made a nice lunch for the following day. For all those years, my sister would always take hers plain. Maybe she would toss some butter and parmesan in with her pasta, but she would never, ever put my mom’s spaghetti sauce on her noodles. I never really understood it, and never really thought much of it. When we moved out and into an apartment together, we were often running short on cash.

I would recommend spaghetti for a meal, because I knew we could eat it for days. That’s when she finally told me, and I was embarrassed that I hadn’t figured it out yet, she doesn’t like red meat! Oh my gosh, how could I not know that?

So I went on the hunt to make spaghetti with her favorite, chicken. I whipped together something much like this recipe from Facebook. When she got home from work, she couldn’t get over the taste that was surrounding our entire living quarters.

She was so grateful that I took the time to make something that she approved of. This recipe still gets used at my house today. It’s too good to get rid of!




Quick Tip: Serve up with your favorite garlic bread or breadsticks.