Hot And Hearty Minestrone Soup – Perfect On A Cool Day

When I was little we used to go to Dandy Bear a lot. 

I do not know if they have these all over the states, but nowadays there are more Chuck E. Cheeses than anything else.  This place was just like that and had so many fun rides and things to do.  When I was younger I used to love getting lost in there.  I would hide from my parents and drive them insane. It was quite unkind, I realize it now.  But back then it was so much fun.

Well, my parents had to do something to get me out and leave, so they began to find things to punish me with.  They threatened to take away my books, or dolls but nothing.  Until one day, they threatened to take away my bowl of minestrone soup.  Oh, my that sent me outright to them. You see, right next door to Dandy Bear there is an Italian restaurant called Mike’s.  This restaurant serves the best minestrone soup I have ever tried.  It is full of pasta and veggies and even though I tend to dislike veggies, this one is so worth it!  Minestrone soup is still one of my favorites today and that is why I wanted to try making it at home.





Quick Tip: Add a dollop of ricotta cheese for a fun addition.