This Classic Combo Gets A Tasty Makeover When It’s Turned Into A Delightful Pasta Salad

This Salad Will Make Your Eyes Roll To The Back Of Your Head… So Yummy!

I have a friend who used to think pasta salads were for summer BBQ’s only. My goodness, I laughed so hard when I heard her talking about this! I asked if she really meant she had never served a pasta salad as a side dish for a regular, non-grilled dinner. She shrugged and said it’s how they always used to serve it when she was a kid. I guess sometimes we get so stuck in old ways that we don’t even realize we could make changes.

Anyway, I told her about this super delicious pasta recipe that Erin had made over at Making Memories With Your Kids. This is my favorite side dish for all the special occasions, but I’ve also made this as an entree for lunch! I swear, you’ll never want to go out to eat again, if you bring this to work once. Just make sure your co-workers won’t “accidentally” pick up the wrong lunch box from the office fridge…

So what is so special about this recipe then? It is combining smoked salmon and asparagus – both of them my favorites but I had never combined them this way before!

Recipe and image courtesy of Making Memories With Your Kids.



Quick Tip: Use your favorite kind of pasta for this salad.