How To Make Stuffed Chicken Breasts That Won’t Wreck Your Diet!

6 chicken dinner recipes stuffed chicken breasts

You’ll Never Believe These Are Weight Watcher Friendly!

My husband had so nicely invited a couple of his co-workers and their wives over for dinner not too long ago. I am a stay-at-home mom and homemaker, so I’m pretty good at whipping together a dinner party on short notice, but I’m used to just friends and family. I had never had to entertain the people that he worked with before. That was kind of taking things to a different level.

I had to find something to cook that was going to be a little fancier than what I normally prepare, but what on Earth was it going to be? I grabbed a couple of old cooking magazines and one of them had this recipe for garlic, bacon and cheese stuffed chicken breasts that appeared to be close to what I was looking for. I think that a stuffed chicken breast always looks nice when made up properly. That’s what I decided on in the end, and they really were super simple to cook.

The guests arrived and I served a plated dinner of these, some garlic mashed potatoes, and some nice fresh steamed asparagus. Everyone finished what was on their plates, so I guess that means that I did okay! My husband couldn’t stop thanking me for doing such a good job. You’re very welcome, honey!



Quick Tip: Only 324 calories per chicken breast!