Creamy Mosaic Jello Dessert – It’s So Pretty!

I have always kind of had a love relationship with Jello.

I remember eating it as a kid, my mom would have to give me the smallest spoon in the drawer, otherwise, I would just shovel it in until I ate the entire bowl or pan that was sitting in the fridge. I would get a tiny spoon and my own individual bowl, and Mom would watch to make sure I wasn’t overdoing it. Now that I’m the adult, I can overdo it, and there’s nobody around to stop me. Sometimes it’s glorious, and sometimes I will get a stomachache, but hey, that’s on me.

When I saw this beautiful recipe on Facebook, I couldn’t wait to make it. I already had all the ingredients in my house, because like I said, I love Jello. I made it just because of that very first time and it turned out a lot better than I thought. I thought it was going to be really hard, but it wasn’t too bad.

Time-consuming is a good way to describe this. The difficulty level isn’t really all that high though. I could hardly wait to sink my teeth into this, and neither could my kids! It was gone that very first setting without a single drop left in the pan. Cool, refreshing, and delicious all the way down.




Quick Tip: Plan ahead for this one… it needs to sit overnight.