Homemade Glazed Doughnuts Are All The Rage!

You can find me saying no to a rich slice of blueberry cheesecake or to a decadent slice of chocolate cake, but I will never be able to say NO to a good old classic doughnut. 

My husband finds that one fact interesting because he is the other way around. What can I say, I am a doughnut girl at heart! During my childhood days, my favorite errand was to bring eggs to Mrs. Dewey, our next-door neighbor. We had chickens in the backyard.

Since I and my brother were both afraid of birds (anything with beaks actually), my mother assigned us the delivery to neighbors. Mrs. Dewey was a kid old lady who reminded me of my grandmother. She cooked really good doughnuts, and she always gave me a piece whenever I delivered eggs to her. My brother tagged along sometimes so he could get a piece too.

But it will always be Mom’s doughnuts that will be the best for me. She inherited the recipe from my grandmother, which is why it’s all so naturally good. The raw ingredients just merge together well to create one good doughnut.

I found this doughnut recipe on the web and it reminds me of my mother’s doughnuts. The doughnuts are soft and moist and the glaze is just amazing! If you want a copy of this, flip over to the next page!




Quick Tip: You can double the glaze recipe, if you like.