Gigantic And Gooey Stuffed Cinnamon Rolls – They’ll Take Your Taste Buds To The Moon

I love cinnamon rolls.

Whenever I go to town to buy something from the grocery, I make sure to pass by the bakery and buy a box. A box contains a dozen creamy chees-y cinnamon rolls. It’s usually too much for me, but since my boyfriend loves them too, they never go to waste. That guy can eat six in one sitting and he never goes fat! Life is unfair. Anyway, this sticky cinnamon rolls are a bit special. They have something inside the rolled buns. Usually, they’re raisins or nuts, but this one has a lot of… dried berries in them.

It reminds me of the cinnamon buns that my grandmother used to make. She loved to experiment too; and she has one version of cinnamon buns wherein the buns were full of dried berries and nuts inside. Oh my goodness, they were heavenly! The cinnamon with the sugar and the nuts and the berries and the cream cheese on top—I was in cinnamon roll heaven. It wasn’t a hit with my cousins though because they had braces; the dried fruits got stuck in their teeth. But it was a hit with me because I had perfect teeth. Well, more servings for me!




Quick Tip: Line a countertop with a silicone mat or some waxed paper.