Mind-Bending Marshmallow Brownies – Biting Into One Is Magical

Brownies.  A family favorite around here. 

They are rich in chocolate, have loads of caffeine and can keep me up all night and are totally delicious.  My husband and I are avid brownie lovers and we are always thrilled when we can find a restaurant that serves a good, homemade decent brownie.  It seems like those places are few and far between.

Then, you can always try making them at home, but that can take a while and be a mess.  For quick brownies on the go, I usually like to make the boxed mix by Ghirardelli.  I have found these to be the easiest to make without seeming like they are from a box.

Although I love a good Ghirardelli boxed brownie, my favorite brownies are homemade. I love a good, fudgy brownie that becomes like syrup in your mouth.  That to me is the sign of someone who knows how to properly bake brownies.

It is easy to make brownies, but not know exactly how long to cook them before they get hard or what to do to keep them chewy.  That is why this recipe is helpful (and delicious!) when you are learning! It has a layer of marshmallow fluff in the middle that keeps them chewy!




Quick Tip: Add marshmallows over the top and broil them for a pretty presentation.