Hot And Hearty Beef Stew Just For YOU!

When I was little, my grandma would make us a delicious Cuban meal called “Carne con Papas” which translates to Beef and Potatoes.  

I absolutely loved when she made this and what I found funny was that the potatoes in the pot was not enough to be a side, we usually ate this over a bed of rice with a side of fried plantains.  I know, it is crazy. But fast forward a bit and we are still enjoying this weekly. I remember being about 12 years old and being at a church potluck.  There were some missionary kids from up north in our small hometown Spanish speaking church and they were talking about their favorite meals.

One kid told me “oh, man, I love beef stew!” and I was baffled.  I asked what beef stew was because I had never had it.  The kid looked shocked and said it was just that, a stew with beef in it.  Now I was baffled!  Well, as we walked up to the line to get our food, he saw a plate of beef stew and said he wanted that because it was beef stew.  When I looked at the dish, I told him no way, that is my grandma’s classic “carne con papas” dish.  That is when I discovered it was the same thing!




Quick Tip: Stir occasionally and add a bit of beef broth if you feel it is getting dry.