Cheer Up Sleepy Head. We’re Having Cheesy Grits For Breakfast!

I love finding a new breakfast food.

Ironically, I thought I had tried most of everything that was a classic breakfast meal until not too long ago.  My husband and I had traveled to Vero Beach, Florida to spend some time in the beautiful Disney World resort that is there.  When we arrived, we noticed that they had a bar that overlooked the ocean with a gorgeous view of all the scenery.  We knew we had to do something there!

Now, neither my husband and I are big on alcohol, so we asked to see if they served anything else.  Turns out, they have breakfast there every morning, so we reserved a table and went on our way.  The following morning, we returned to watch the sunrise overlooking the ocean while we enjoyed our breakfast.

It was positively gorgeous and totally worth waking up early. They told us it was a buffet style breakfast, so we went to where the food was and I served myself an omelet. Then I noticed there was something that looked like mashed potatoes.  I asked my husband about it and he said it was grits.  I had no idea what that was! I served myself some and after that wondered how I had never tried that before…it was awesome!




Quick Tip: Stir occasionally and add a bit of milk if you feel it is getting dry.