Sweet Potato Bread – It’s A Real Sugar Loaf!

When I think of sweet potato, Thanksgiving is what comes to mind.

My husband and I don’t really eat sweet potatoes at any other time of year. Maybe just one more dish that I make that is a scramble of chopped sweet potatoes and ground turkey. It is really good, but the sweet potato does not really shine as the star of the meal. It honestly just tastes and feels like regular potatoes. We also make other sweet potato foods including diced and cooked orange spuds in our omelets for breakfast. It is a nice sweet touch to our salty breakfast. But that’s not really a recipe.

Lately, I have really been wanting to include sweet potatoes more and more into our meals. It just seems like it is such a great vegetable that fills you up and adds a touch of sweetness to it all. The other day while browsing Pinterest, I found a really neat recipe! It was for sweet potato cornbread. Since I know my husband loves corn, I figured I would go ahead and make it. I was so impressed. The sweetness of the sweet potato gave it such a wonderful touch of flavor and texture as well!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Food.com.




Quick Tip: Add a bit of whole kernel corn for texture if you’d like.