Charming Chocolate Nut Clusters Make The Perfect Party Pick-Me-Up Snack

Every year, my family takes a trip to North Carolina with my church for an end of the year conference. 

It is fun, exciting, has lots of great messages to listen to and most importantly for this Miami girl, it is cold! Sometimes we even see snow which is a rarity in my life!  I think I have probably seen snow on 3-4 separate occasions in my lifetime.  It almost never happens, but when it does, I am positively thrilled.  I think it is funny how excited I get because others get frustrated and annoyed the same way I get frustrated when it rains so much in Miami!

Anyway, after the conference, we always head to either Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA for a mini vacation.  We go into all the shops and enjoy the old town feel of those historic districts.  They are truly two of my favorite places to visit! Now, one of my favorite things to do is go into all the candy shops. And not just the regular ol’ candy, but the types they make in the shop.  My favorites that they carry are the caramel chocolate nut turtles.  They are gooey, creamy and crunchy which is such an awesome combination that I love!

Photo courtesy of Tara Cooks.




Quick Tip: Add a bag of caramels to the crock pot as well.