Creamy, Sweet Corn Casserole – It Could Be On Your Table Tonight!

Corn casserole is a staple dish in my household.  It started back when we moved into the neighborhood. 

We had been living in a tiny little apartment with a really tiny kitchen.  When we moved into our new home, we suddenly had everything we could possibly want.  Not only all the staple items, but the refrigerator was huge and modern, and so was the stove.  It had an island in the center of the kitchen with lots of space to prepare dishes as well as storage space beneath it.  It was truly one of the best parts of our home.

Now, one of our favorite parts about our new home is that we have space outside of our house to have a grill. On that grill, we do so many things.  We prepare homemade pizzas, classic burgers, hot dogs and all the works.  We really love to grill and do lots of things with it.  Now, one of the best parts about grilling is that my husband makes his one favorite and signature dish: creamy baked corn casserole.  For us, a BBQ is not a BBQ without this casserole dish for us to share.  We prepare it halved for ourselves and have even quadrupled it when we have guests over. It is just that good.




Quick Tip: Swap out the milk for any kind of milk you like (half and half, whole milk, evaporated).