Hot And Hearty – Just The Way Breakfast Casseroles Should Be

In the Spring and Fall, soccer seems to take over our lives.

Not only do we have to go to practices after school throughout the week, Saturdays mean all-day tournaments. All that means to me, is one less day to sleep in and relax in the morning. I know that my kids are passionate about the sport though and they love to be there. I will do anything to make sure that my children get the most out of their childhood. When I finally get to sleep in on Sundays, the last thing that I want to think about is having to make breakfast.

That was so true until I found this recipe for breakfast pizza on the web. When Sunday finally rolled around, I did sleep in a little bit, but I couldn’t wait to get up and try out this recipe. Of course, I was up way before everyone else in the house anyway. By the time all the sleepy heads came down the stairs, I was already enjoying my first piece.

I guess that’s one of the benefits of being the first one up and the one that does the cooking. Everyone at my house really loved this pizza for something different in the morning. I just look forward to the off-season when I can make it even more!





Quick Tip: Try tossing some green pepper, onion, and mushrooms on top.